Meeting Melanie Becker [VP Business Development & Head Int. Sales]


As part of a new series of features in which we introduce some of the team members that have helped make ADAM Audio the success it is today, we spoke to Melanie Becker, an integral and leading force in our business development and sales division.

Hi Melanie. Can you describe your career trajectory within ADAM Audio?

“I originally started work at ADAM Audio in 2016 as the International Sales Manager for APAC [Asia-Pacific], MEA [Middle East and Africa], and some parts of Europe. When an opportunity arose to become the European Sales Manager in 2018, I took it. After a decade of international traveling I was really looking to some short-haul-flights for a change. I then became the Head of International Sales in 2020, leading the sales team in the fields distribution and e-commerce.

Nowadays, I fulfill the roles of VP of Business Development & D2C, Head of International Sales, and European Sales Manager. Reading this to myself, it does sound like a lot of work, which it actually is. Luckily I have the best international team I could possibly wish for. We strive to work together, share tasks and workload, and help whenever possible cross departmentally.”

What made you start out in the industry in the first place?

“Before I started out as a Sales and Marketing Assistant, my first junior position, I really had no other experience working in the pro audio industry. I found it to be totally different, providing an atmosphere of acceptance, tolerance with partnerships unlike any sector that I had experienced. It’s a bit like doing business with friends, in that you support each other by all means. Sometimes you argue over a certain subject and then later you sit together at a bar and laugh about it. I’ve become stuck in the industry and it’s doubtful that I will ever leave.”

What attributions did you bring to ADAM Audio?

“I’ve worked in the industry for over a decade, and have acquired a lot of experience. I worked for various manufacturers in different sub-markets such as installation, broadcasting, professional studios, and even home audio. This gave me a lot of industry specific experience that you just couldn’t take a course on. I visited most of the international markets in order to understand the different mechanics and to tailor the brands’ local presence and marketing efforts accordingly. I gained a holistic view on how companies work, and I’m always looking out for improvements that can be made across all departments and channels.

To move forward, I believe ongoing education is essential. We are all part of the digital revolution, which will be ever more important considering the development of AI, robotics and the metaverse of course – so many new fields to explore. To stay on track with the new age of digital transformation and all the opportunities and obstacles that come with it, I decided to take a Master’s degree in Digital Transformation. ADAM Audio has shown great support of my endeavors, and I appreciate this a lot.

This industry is heavily based on relationships – it truly is an environment for people. Once you enter, you will most likely stay within its confines, and often meet people more than once. Therefore, it’s not only the qualifications that matter; your personal skill set is equally as important. You are your own brand and must act accordingly, which basically starts with being a decent human being.”

What’s one thing you brought into ADAM Audio you are proud of?

“It has to be the e-commerce channel, which started out as a side project of mine. As you know, there are not a lot of manufacturer-driven e-commerce pages in the pro audio industry. With being more of an e-commerce user than a creator, it was quite the task at first, albeit a positive one, as I like being challenged by work outside my core skills. I feel this helps me to stay agile and acquire new learning you might not have otherwise gained.”

What do you enjoy most about your work at ADAM Audio?

“To me, ADAM Audio is made of people. We have a true team spirit which is difficult to describe if you haven’t experienced it yet. We all work together, cross departmentally and across core tasks. There is no competitive feeling with any colleagues whatsoever, we all just want to achieve great things together. We often do activities together when we get the chance, regularly have team building events and have get-togethers when we visit the Berlin HQ. I am certain that this is what will bring us forward as a company and what will make the difference in the long run.”

What is your favorite leisure activity?

“I am torn between being an active outdoor person and a gaming nerd, so I decide to be both. I do a lot of sports like tennis, body-building, hiking, and running but I also can easily spend a full weekend on my couch with my PlayStation.”

Do you have a motivational quote?

“My go-to phrase is a German one which I use almost too extensively; ‘Ohne Arme keine Kekse.’ As a direct translation this is, ‘no arms, no cookies,’ which basically means that if you don’t say what you want, you’ll get something else, and that if you want something you have to put in the effort to get it. I find this a good reminder to always step-up and not to be shy to ask for what you want to receive, and to take responsibility for your life as opposed to being passive, receiving only what you have been served or decided for you. This can be applied to any spectrum of life.”

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