Vladimir OsinskyRelies On ADAM Audio Monitors

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ADAM Audio S3A studio monitors at Vladimir Osinsky's recording studio

A multi-talented, enormously successful professional on the audio scene in his native Russia, Vladimir Osinsky is a composer, arranger and producer of extraordinary merit.

Vladimir Osinsky is also an experienced sound engineer with an intense passion for bringing out the best in the many artists he has recorded over the years. His musical agility is also seen in the breadth of genres he has worked with over the decades. His studio, Hraniteli, has hosted many of Russia’s most famous performers in genres from pop music, folk, world music and jazz. “Recorded at the studio of Vladimir Osinsky” is a liner note widely appreciated in Russia as denoting a recording of outstanding quality.

Among his many satisfied clients are stars of Russia’s music scene like Nikolay Baskov, Zemfira, Dima Bilan, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Kristina Orbakaite and Oyme, to mention only a few. A wealth of projects in the musicals field have benefitted from his vast experience, including “12 Chairs”, as well as “Notre-Dame de Paris” and “Romeo and Juliet”. The latter involved production work for an album, “Songs for Adults”. Vladimir has also been involved in many film projects, such as “Elki”, “PiraMMMida” and the full-length cartoon feature, “Prince Vladimir”.

“I have never set goals for myself how to earn money in a studio. All my basic needs are in the studio itself.”

Yet his many professional passions don’t include a keen entrepreneurial spirit, a fact he is disarmingly honest about. “I never thought of a studio as a business, as a tool for making money”, he told ADAM Audio recently. “I have never set goals for myself how to earn money in a studio. All my basic needs are in the studio itself.” And he’s a serious gearhead, too. “I am ashamed to admit it, but the devices are a real passion.” But the driving force behind his creative ambitions is a strong sense of curiosity. “It’s about the temptation of knowledge”, he explains. “For me, the process of comprehending subtleties has always been important in my audio work.” Vladimir has come to rely on the legendary ADAM S3A monitors as an integral part of his production process.