House of Glass Studio (Italy) is relying exclusively on ADAM Monitoring

Berlin, October 16, 2013

The House of Glass Studio in Tuscany is one of the best music production and recording facilities in Italy.

In terms of monitoring it is almost based exclusively on ADAM models, including two A7s, five A8Xs, two S3X-Hs, one Sub8 and two S7A MK2s. They all have been used for everything recorded at House of Glass.

Please read below what Gianni Bini, owner of House of Glass Studios, has to say about his long-term experience with working on ADAM monitors.

“Well, ADAM Audio finally made it possible not to have to listen twice or more on different pairs of speakers to get the real feeling for a mix, which was a critical issue back then. I usually have to work with low frequencies. The quality I’m looking for in monitors is a complete, round and full sound even when low frequencies are involved, and I believe that ADAM Audio is unsurpassed in this domain."

You can find the full user story here.