WireWorld Studio - Michael Wagener

Nashville, USA

Known for his breakthrough production work on albums by Dokken, Mötley Crue, Skid Row, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Testament, Poison, King’s X and others, Michael Wagener still maintains a ferocious pace of producing new bands and conducting sold-out recording workshops both here and abroad.

Wagener’s Nashville-based WireWorld Studio is constantly booked with a variety of new projects encompassing bands from different generations that play what Michael calls, “the usual melodic hard rock kind of stuff. We’re always busy these days, I’m working with Jerry Gaskill, the drummer from King’s X on his solo album; Lordi, a hard rock band from Finland (Michael produced their new album To Beast Or Not To Beast); the debut album from a New York band named Tempt; Station from NYC, and Marija, an amazing singer from Canada who’s recording her third album with Shadowstalk. It’s crazy right now, but a lot of fun.”

If that wasn’t enough, Michael has been holding in-depth 7-day workshops at WireWorld where he has bands and engineers from all over the world come in and record a track from the demo all the way through final mastering. He’s also been doing workshops in France and throughout Europe.

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